Credit Direct Limited


Credit Direct Limited is a non-bank finance company. The company requested for a rebrand that shows their renewed commitment to service and emphatically dispatches their values of speed, simplicity, convenience & operational excellence.


Our Task

  • Logo Conceptualization & Design (LCD)
  • Identity Building Blocks (IBB): The Graphic Identity, Identity Dos & Don’ts, Logo Variants, Exclusion Zones, Minimum Size, Typography, Color Palette, Logo Color Usage, etc.
  • Design System Application (DSA): Call Cards, Letter Head & Continuation Sheets, Complimentary Slip, ID Cards & Line-yard, Envelopes, Folders, Annual Reports, Memos, CD Label & Cover, Block Pads & Writing Pads, Email Signature Format, Power Point Templates, Shirts (Corporate & Casuals), Female Scarfs, Plaques, Lapels, Ties, Caps, Vehicles, Pens, Exercise Books, Umbrellas, Towels, Diary, Key-holders, Flash Drives & Asset finance Key Rings, Flyers, Posters, Rollup Banners, Billboard & Newspaper Ads, Corporate, Flags & Interior Facility Signs (e.g. Glass Decals, Office & Restroom Identification).
  • Corporate Identity Manual (CIM)
  • Website Design

Skills Involved

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Printing & Packaging